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I’m very thankful that Matthew has taken the time to be here every month. The ideas that he brings up are crucial to the safe, inclusive, and welcoming climate that our company desperately needs.


I attended a training session and noticed that I am one of the only people of color. It's hard for me to be completely comfortable in a room where I am outnumbered. Then I remembered that it's okay to be in this environment because Matthew is the one running it and he makes it a safe place.

I thought that Matthew Solomon did a great job in creating a space for us to share our thoughts and opinions on very important but somewhat controversial or scary topics that are impairing the environment here. He did a fantastic job in explaining his concepts regarding communication and frequently asked if anyone had any questions or needed further clarification for his topics, which I know a lot of us appreciated.

Matthew Solomon’s workshops gave me different ways to approach challenging situations; such as listening first, understanding the details, and fully comprehending what is being done in the moment. Attending these restorative conversations has given me the inspiration to start speaking up and expressing my voice in an effective way.


I believe that how these discussions are being held are perhaps the best way to go about it.

These talks are successful in allowing us to voice our thoughts and be heard, as well as to intake others’ opinions and expand upon them. I feel even just being present and willing to listen to what is said has impact.


Because I perceived myself as incapable of being accepted and doubted my abilities, my performance suffered. From that experience, I learned to put aside the filter that "I am not good enough to be accepted;" I practiced, tried again and was successful!


My sense of “community” and willingness to serve others has been altered through this experience because it convinced me to always help and give back to the community or where you came from no matter the situation. Matthew Solomon’s workshops will change the way I act in the future because now I know how to react in certain situations.

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